Problem of Bome's SendSX use.


2011-06-24 10:01:53

Hello. I begin in Bome's SendSX. I do not understand the following message. Having made a bulk dump of my synthesizer towards Bome's SendSX the window Midi in fills with data. I shall want to save these data. I click in "Save" and I place the file in " Documents of the owner " \. The problem is that when I want to open this file an error message displays: "you cannot open this file with this program. Try another place".What is it necessary to make?
Thank you for the piece of information.


2011-07-31 17:04:07

Hi. When you click "Save MIDI In as" and you give a name to your file, don't forget to add the extension ".syx". You cannot save your sysex dump as a MIDI file (".mid") with SendSX.