Problem sending Fractal MFC firmware


2010-11-11 17:43:26


I've downloaded a Firmware (sysex) file from the Fractal site.

Midi Ox sends this file with no trouble and the unit updates successfully, but when I try with Bome's, the file APPEARS to send but the unit hangs at 0% on the update progress meter, needing to be rebooted to continue.

I'm wondering if it could be something in the file... or a bug in SendSX. Any thoughts? ...

PS: Someone else who is using Bome's asked me for help.


2010-11-11 18:42:47


If I record the output of SendSX into the midi input of a different computer, then save this as a file, then play this file back into the MFC with MIDI-OX, it works!

Only thing I can imagine is that SendSX might be handling the delays between messages irregularly?


2011-10-22 17:46:02

yes, you can configure the send speed in Send SX. (at least in the beta version).