[SendSX 1.22] MIDI devices not remembered


2005-05-11 21:46:26

Hi Florian!

SendSX is the perfect SysEx monitor for my Roland CM-500. Thanks for this great utility -- postcard pending 8)

I'm having a problem with 1.22 version. When I select my MIDI In and Out ports, they are saved in Registry after I quit SendSX; but when I run it again, In and Out ports are automatically reset to None, and I have to manually set them again (other settings like delay, window positions, etc are not affected). This is a minor issue but it's a bit frustrating after a while...

For the record, it works fine with 1.21 (which, I believe, uses a different set of Registry options). I'm under WinXP SP2.



2005-05-11 23:37:27

I can reproduce that problem. Maybe you'd like to give version 1.30 a shot? I posted it at

V1.30 comes with some nice enhancements, e.g. a real settings dialog...



2005-05-12 03:11:40

Thank you for the swift feedback!

Hooray, 1.30 solved the problem. Mostly excellent stuff in that new version too, like the more user-friendly MIDI speed throttling -- it works like a charm with my MidiSport Uno. I was thinking about a possible feature: is there any way to reuse an existing SendSX window (when double-clicking on a SysEx file) instead of having another one displayed?

Thanks again for the great support :)


2005-05-12 08:44:29

sure, that's pretty easy.
I'll put it on the feature request list.