SendSX with M-Audio Uno 1-in/1-out USB MIDI Interface


2009-10-13 23:29:21

I'm trying to decide whether I have a hardware problem, USB driver problem, a general incompatibility problem, or just a "I'm an idiot" problem and don't know what I'm doing. I'm experienced enough with MIDI to the extent that I know what can be done with it but not necessarily how to make it do what I want it to do... :roll:

I just got hold of a Korg M1 and a M-Audio Uno 1-in/1-out USB MIDI Interface cable:

After digging around on the web I came across the following website with the original factory sys-ex sequence and sound files I would like to rewrite into memory on the M1 but can't seem to figure out exactly how to do it:

I've set the M1 to all the appropriate settings (or so I think), Internal Memory Protection - 'OFF', etc. but I think the issue is in use of SendSX 1.22 to recognize the M-Audio Uno device driver. I've installed the latest M-Audio driver but something doesn't seem to be operating correctly. Shouldn't the M-Audio device show up under the 'MIDI Out' drop down menu? Right now the selection as setup on my PC shows 'none' as the first option of course, followed by Midi-Mapper, SoundMax WDM MIDI, and Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth. My intuition tells me I should see something like 'M-Audio Uno USB' as a selection also in order to interface via MIDI with the Korg M1 through the M-Audio MIDI/USB cable?

I understand your reply may exceed my current knowledge base with regard to MIDI however any advice you can provide would be helpful.


2009-10-14 20:42:03

Mystery solved, it was a device driver problem. Your software works great! I've now contributed to the general body of knowledge: ... 8dd62148fd


2009-10-16 10:17:02

Hey wknick,

thanks for checking it out!