Can I save a .SYX as .MID??


2009-10-09 10:15:35


I am very keen to save a bunch of sysex files for my Novation Nova as midi files, so that I can send them from my sequencer.

Using SendSX1.30 I am able to open the sysex files (the 'All supported files' options in the open menu are *.sys, *.mid, *.txt) but it looks like I can't then save as midi (*.sys, *.txt only).

Can the application do what i'm wanting?




2009-11-22 14:49:21

Hi, sorry for the very late response! In fact, MT cannot save as MIDI file. You could use a virtual loopback MIDI port (like Yoke) and use that as MIDI OUT in SendSX. Then select the same virtual port as MIDI IN in your sequencer. Hit record in the sequencer and send from SendSX. So the sequencer will record the MIDI data sent by SendSX. Then save from your sequencer as MIDI data.

Hope that works!