"An invalid parameter was passed to a system function&q


2009-09-30 22:57:11

I am getting an error when sending midi data out from an Alesis IO26 interface with SendSX 1.22

My Alesis IO26 interface is hooked up to my PC via a Belkin firewire card (Alesis recommended). I have a .syx file that I need to send out to an outboard piece of audio equipment. I load the .syx file in Bome's SendSX 1.22 and send the file. It transfers slowly, but doesn't quite get to the end... SendSX then issues an error message: "An invalid parameter was passed to a system function".

I double-checked everything, the .syx file, the cables, the sending and receiving gear... and was able to actually upload that very same .syx file using a different midi interface (a rudimentary midi in&out on the SoundBlaster Audigy soundcard on an older computer).

I had successfully transferred midi data in both directions using SendSX and that very same Alesis IO26 interface. Not sure how to interpret the SendSX error message.

Any insight would be appreciated.



2009-10-05 22:49:07


please see this post: