Nord lead 2 16 midi parts or 4?

Daniel BRown

2006-06-24 05:26:02

I'm trying to assign a part to each midi channel in the Nord lead 2 but there are only 4 parts, however there are also 16 midi channels. WHy would there be 16 midi channels with only 4 parts. Is there a way to use all 16 midi channels with a different sound assigned to each of them. I'm sequencing in Pro Tools using a MOTU interface, and I've used the Triton before as well as the Roland xp 60 and I was able to assign all 16 parts to a midi channel. Someone please help


2006-06-25 21:16:21

Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry, I don't own the Nord Lead, so I cannot really answer your question... Maybe you try in a Nord Lead forum?

From my experience with other synthesizers, you may encounter a limitation of the Nord Lead, that it can only produce 4 parts at once. Such a part is much more complex than, say, a General MIDI sound.