Help with problematic Roland Boss GT6 fx unit


2007-11-04 13:32:51

Gigged 2 weeks ago and when on a user patch I noticed scrolling going on in the LED display panel and the different effects were coming in and out. Once I switched the unit off and back on it was ok.
Last week there were no signs of this problem.
At a gig this Friday the same thing happened twice and again last night....only the once and this time just a slight flicker in the display which then it sorted itself.
I have not dropped the unit, nothing has been spilt on it and i have taken the casing off to check for dust but it is clean as a whistle.
Could it be a fault with the power supply? Do the pots need cleaning and if so, how do I do this? Could it be I am changing the bank and patch pedals too quickly when scrolling through to get to a user setting I have programmed?
Any ideas?


2007-11-08 14:13:28

Hi Smurf,

sorry, I don't have a clue what could be going on. Maybe try in a Roland discussion board? Maybe fellow GT6 users have expereicned similar problems?