2007-10-14 19:32:37

Could anyone direct me to instructions on how to use send sx with the microkorg ?



2007-10-17 08:43:10

SendSX is a generic MIDI monitor and send tool. You can receive any data from any MIDI device, and send any data to it. I recommend using the beta version of SendSX.

For MIDI dumps, it usually works this way:
  • connect the MIDI device using MIDI cables or the USB cable
  • in SendSX, select the MIDI device as MIDI IN and MIDI OUT
  • in order to receive a memory dump with SendSX, invoke the "Send Bulk Dump" (or so) function on the MIDI device and see SendSX receiving data. Then you can save it as a .syx file.
  • in order to send a .syx (or .mid) file to the MIDI device, load it into the OUT list in SendSX, and then push the Send button.
Sending large MIDI dumps can fail for a number of reasons. Often, the drivers are faulty - try to always use the latest MIDI driver from the manufacturer of the MIDI device/soundcard.
Also, try to use slower send speeds in SendSX.