Alesis HR 16 midi factory presets using midi and SendX


2007-04-12 14:57:48

Has anyone reloaded factory settings using sendx programme on Hr16 alesis drum machine?
I cannot get download to work .


2007-04-13 14:46:04

Hi David,

in general, this should be possible. However, some MIDI devices (and/or its drivers) are known to be flaky for sys ex dumps.

- verify the MIDI cable and that you connected computer OUT to HR16 IN
- very long MIDI cables can cause problems
- make sure you selected the correct MIDI port in SendSX's MIDI OUT.
- use the latest beta version of SendSX
- use slower send rate (in the settings in SendSX)
- try with a different MIDI interface (e.g. a USB interface) if you can get hold of one

If all that doesn't work, please report here exactly what you do and what happens. Include names of computer OS version, MIDI interface, etc.

Hope that helps!