[SendSX 1.30] Some minor GUI bugs


2006-03-28 06:21:17

Hello Florian,

Thanks for the new beta 2! The "Just Receive SysEx" option is particularly useful and works like a charm (for example, I can easily capture the SysEx data of an MT-32 game in DOSBox via the Maple virtual cable).

I noticed two bugs in the GUI:

1. The font of the action log lists seems to be locked on Terminal 8, which looks garbled on my system.

2. There's an odd display bug on the little square at the bottom-right of the horizontal and vertical scrolling bars.



2006-03-28 10:50:28

Hi Kaminari,

thanks for the report! I did notice the strange empty box, too. Not sure why :)

I'll add an option to set the font and size of the log lists.