Checksum Error


2007-02-11 17:00:29

I am using a Midilink cable to link my Laptop to my QY70, and the Beta Version of Send SX.

I can send data from the QY70 to my Laptop but when I try and retrieve the data I get Checksum Error. Can you offer any help?




2007-02-14 07:01:43

Hi Alan,

this may be due to a faulty connection from the QY70 to the computer, or from the computer to the QY70. It will be difficult to find out which direction is causing the problem, so at this point you should not trust the data that you have saved from the QY70.

You should try setting a slower send speed and then retry sending the data.

Which version of Windows are you using?
Also, if possible, update the MIDI drivers (check out the manufacturer's homepage of the MIDIlink cable). Also a good idea is to try from a different computer. A last possibility is to update DirectX.

Please let us know here how it progresses.



2007-02-15 00:20:10

Hi Florain

Thanks for the reply, I will try that. By he way I use Windows XP.