Additional Midi Input Channel?


2016-08-28 03:13:13

I use SendSX frequently and love its simplicity and robust code work, nicely done. There is only one item that cripples my use of the package, and that is the lack of a separate, additional midi input channel.

I use a Steinberg Midex8 unit with 8 midi ports for getting midi data into the computer and have a lot of sound modules connected to it. When operating normally, the input into Port 1 of the Midex8 is echoed to all other ports allowing you to use a single master controller keyboard to play all modules connected to all ports. When starting SendSX, that echo functionality is halted.

In practice, say I have a module (Roland MKS-70) and have several patch sets I want to audition. The MKS-70 is in Port 2. My keyboard is in Port 1 as above.

In order to transfer files, the MKS-70 requires both input and output midi lines for handshaking to do patch dumps. Everything transfers ok, but then I can't play anything because the echo function does not work, and there isn't an additional input port in SendSX to fire Port 2 from Port 1. The only solution is to exit SendSX to return control to the Midex8 unit.

While that isn't the worst thing in the world, if I'm doing extensive work for several hours, it gets tiresome. If there were an additional "keyboard input" port that would echo midi in data and merge to the Midi In port selected in SendSX, it would be the perfect midi utility! That additional input port could be disabled when sending or receiving files to eliminate data corruption.

Just a suggestion for the next iteration, if ever. TIA!



2016-09-03 15:34:52

Hi Scott,
yes, it would be nice to be able to open multiple MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports. We'll add it to the ToDo list.