Waldorf Streichfett Problem


2016-06-02 23:13:08

Hello there,

Firstly thank you for Send Sx, it's a great bit of software!

I've been trying to upload patches to my Waldorf Streichfett via Send SX through midi via Midisport X2 (I've also tried the midi interface on my Roland Quadcapture) so far without success. It's works fine with both my Akai Miniak and DSI Mopho X4.

It does work on my Streichfett via the USB but not via MIDI. It's driving me crazy, can anyone help please?



2016-06-03 09:23:29

Hi Paul,
thanks! SendSX offers a number of options to work around faulty MIDI drivers and/or MIDI interfaces.
  • make sure to use the latest version 1.4
  • if you're sure that the MIDI data to send is OK, try different options in the Settings screen.
  • some drivers require "Split long messages when sending", some will not work with this option!
  • some drivers choke if the MIDI data is sent too fast. Activate Throttling with lower than Actual MIDI Speed to work around this.
  • Some drivers work best if not throttled, so try to deactivate Throttling, too.
  • Also try different settings of Loading Files|Split long sys ex messages. Splitting messages when loading will make it impossible to not split long messages when sending.
  • there are many USB-MIDI interfaces with problems. We've had good results with Edirol/Roland interfaces, but there are many interfaces which will work, too.
  • and then: try all of the possible combinations :shock:
Please let us know if you find a setting which works!


2016-06-03 14:03:20

Hi Florian,

Thank you very much for your help, I've now got it working! I unchecked the throttle control and unchecked the split long messages when sending and now it all works like a charm. Thank you so much. :)


2016-06-03 15:45:10

great to hear!