Novation Dicer Advanced Features


2015-06-20 06:47:17

This is for those who would like to utilize the advanced features of the Novation Dicer. This small utility will send several sysex commands to the Dicers to activate the "Shiftlock Time-Out" and the "Transmit Mode Button Events" functionalities. What this means is that the 3 small mode buttons perform advanced functions. If you press and hold any of the 3 mode buttons, the shift will lock in 1 second. You can cancel the shift lock mode by pressing any mode button; The second advanced function is when you press any of the mode buttons it will send note on events on midi channels 11, 12, 13 respectively from the Master Dicer and 14, 15, 16 respectively from the Slave Dicer.

This opens more possibilities with DJ software such as Tracktor Pro or Serato DJ.

1. First step is to download the attached Dicer.rar file and un-rar.
2. Install Bome SendSX version 1.4 (This utility only works with version 1.40)
3. Plug in your Novation Dicers to an USB port.
4. Open Bome SendSX and make sure that the out-port is set to Novation Dicer, close Bome SendSX
5. Place both files in the root of c:\ drive. (Dicer Sysex.txt and SendSX.exe)
6. Create shortcut of the SendSX.exe file to your Desktop
7. Right mouse click on the shortcut file and select properties. In the "shortcut key" field, type any keyboard shortcut you so desire.
8. Click OK, that's it!!!

Now to activate the Dicer mode button advance features, just type the keyboard shortcut or just double click on the shortcut itself.

The alternate (yet easiest way to do this) is to just open Bome SendSX and choose open, then locate the "Dicer Sysex.txt" file and hit the Send (F4) button, then close Bome SendSX. However, the process I covered above is to make a sort of automated process out of it.

On a final note, I've confirmed with Focusrite Inc. that the Novation Dicers cannot save the advanced function mode into memory, therefore whenever you unplug the Dicers or lose USB power such as computer shutdown, the Dicers revert to it's default non-advance mode. This means you have to run the desktop shortcut or keyboard shortcut each time after plugging in the Dicers or after a computer boot if they were already plugged in.

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2015-06-22 14:26:56

Hi freshfor88,
thanks a bunch! I'm sure many users of the dicers will like this.