Feature request: Implicit delay macro


2015-05-05 22:43:26

SendSX's MIDI Out window already supports C++-style comments, which is great for sending someone a text file filled with various commands with explanations for what each one should do.

Regardless of the transmission speed, it would be nice if there was a way to implicitly define a delay between transmissions of content in the MIDI Out window. I wouldn't expect pristine timing with the OS being to able to do whatever it wants, but shoot for 1 millisecond granularity for how the delays are defined.

As a suggestion for how to define the delay, consider a text element that starts with a '.' (period) followed by a decimal value relating to the number of milliseconds to delay from the completion of transmission of the previous line before continuing. A possible example transmission:

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B0 10 01  //  This did something, look at the device.
.5000     //  This will delay for ~5 seconds while the person looks the device over.
B0 10 00  //  This undid the thing we just did, device should revert accordingly.
Not sure if this request is outside your scope for how you want/expect SendSX to be used.


2016-05-03 16:38:03

Hi Ken,
I seem to have missed your feature request. Great idea! I'll add it to the list.