TC Helicon Voicelive Play unit firmware uplload


2014-12-21 09:47:12

Im new here and not even sure If what im asking is possible but here is my problem. I have a TC Helicon voicelive play Vocal processor that I uploaded the incorrect firmware to. Once I did this the unit "bricked" and stopped responding. So I was told that this program could possibly recover it by uploading the correct firmware to it using the SendSX program. I have attempted it on multiple occasions and not sure if i'am doing it correctly or not. The program recognizes my processor as TC HELICON VOICELIVE PLAY unit and when I send the firmware to it the appropriate lights flash on and off while it is uploading. The problem is that it get to the last part of the file and the data seems to be either fractured, or corrupted somehow and the unit just goes into a continuous never ending loop (im guessing) and never ends and restarts as it is intended if the firmware is uploaded properly. I don't understand why its doing it and if its a setting I have wrong on the SendSX program or the Midi interface has been damaged somehow by the incorrect firmware that was accidentally uploaded into it. Is there a way to FORMAT the Voicelive Play and start from scratch? or can somebody walk me through it so that I can hopefully recover my equipment that was in perfect working order before the incorrect firmware update? Thank you.


2015-06-24 11:55:10

Hi, unfortunately, we don't know anything about your TC device. If you still manage to send the firmware to it using Send SX, you can try to lower the send speed in the settings. Some devices cannot keep up with the full speed.
Otherwise, there might be a way to do a factory reset on the device. Google and the TC support are your friends there...