(!) Troubleshooting


2014-11-16 16:12:12

The single most problem that occurs with SendSX seems to be this:
A bulk dump has been captured from a device. Now sending it back to the device fails.

Here are a couple of pointers:
  • Send Speed: at first, try with slower send speed in the settings screen in Send SX
  • cabling: the computer's MIDI OUT should be connected to the MIDI device's MIDI IN jack.
  • cable quality: it is easier than you think to break a MIDI cable. try with a different MIDI cable.
  • MIDI interface (USB-MIDI adapter): there are big differences! cheap interfaces are known to have problems with System Exclusive MIDI dumps (both for receiving and sending). We have had good results with Edirol and Yamaha interfaces.
  • MIDI Driver: check if your driver manufacturer has driver downloads for your MIDI interface/MIDI device.
  • Corrupt Dump: it is possible that the bulk dump that you captured is faulty. After following the steps above, try to capture a new bulk dump.