Not sure my MIDI device is receiving


2014-05-22 18:47:47

I am trying to send a 1 line hex command using SENDSX via a MIDISPORT 64 bit usb device to a midi hardware board.
The board is connected to a midi-out port on the midisport.

I selected the appropriate in and out ports in SENDSX.

When I click SEND I see the message sending.... and 1 line below that it says 10 bytes sent.

Should I see something in the midi in to confirm my device is receiving?


2014-08-05 12:02:42


SendSX's MIDI IN window shows all data that is received by the MIDISPORT's MIDI IN port. Normally, you won't see the messages that you sent using the MIDI OUT window (they go out the MIDISPORT's MIDI OUT port).

Now to make sure that your MIDI hardware board receives the data, you should connect the MIDISPORT's MIDI OUT to the hardware board's MIDI IN.

Hope that makes sense!