I need a new ReNovator Password since changing system


2006-06-26 03:17:32

I purchased ReNovator v2.01, and I have needed to rebuild my system
(format the drive and reinstall windows). I was sad to see that my
ReNovator password was no longer good. :cry:
I tried the ReNovator@bome.com, but the email was returned.

I don't want to post sensitive data over an unsecure channel, but this is the best I have.

[old invalidated password removed]

Please help,


2006-06-26 11:03:43

Hi Matt,

no problem, I'll send you a new password. I took the liberty to edit your post to remove your old password. In future, you can use http://www.bome.com/contact.php for this kind of requests.

Sorry for the discontinued email address (too much SPAM...).

Thanks and best regards,


2006-06-26 20:18:30

Thanks for the email with the new pwd. I'm sorry that you had to remove some stuff from my post, but I appreciate that you also removed my last name and email address (internet anonymity and stuff). I've bookmarked the url for contacting bome.com in the future.

Spatty (Matt)